Fashion Tips Especially For Women

chocolate recipesFashion is the custom or style prevalent in a society at a particular time. Mostly it refers to the most popular clothing styles of that society. Fashion keeps changing rapidly and especially women, tend to keep up with it.

Here are some fashion tips for fashion freaks:

If you are apple shaped, then you are plump and tend to have a rounder middle. So wear clothes which will hide your mid-section. A v-necked top which is tight up to the bust line will take eyes off from the biggest part of the body. Try showing the part of the body that you are most proud of. If you have slim legs, show them off in skinny jeans or a short skirt.

If you are pear shaped with a large butt wear light colored tops and dark colored bottoms. Pants that are full cut help you conceal your buttocks that you are so conscious of. Try drawing attention to your better half which is the upper body by wearing tops with structured shoulders or a custom made jacket.

If you are ruler shaped, try wearing clothes that will give some shape to your body. You can do this by wearing a tight jacket on a loose top or you can wear a belt around your waist to create a waistline or wear a bunched top to highlight your bust.

If you are hour glass shaped, wear a tight top that will show off your waist or a long-dress which is tight around the waist. This highlights the waist while covering your big bum.

Always try to look slim. Dark coloured clothes will help you get a slim look. A long flowery dress in chiffon or georgette will also make you look slim.

If you are extremely thin with no shape wear a dress with many layers.

Do not wear over-sized clothes even if you are plump and you are trying to hide your fat. This tends to make you shabby. Wear clothes strictly according to your size.

If you are petite, try avoiding dressing with over-all prints. This makes you look thinner.
If you are tall, try to avoid short skirts that will expose your extra long legs. Very long skirts always make you look taller. To cut your height wear tops over the pants.

If you are short and want to increase your height, please try wearing shoes with pointed heels but not platforms. Wearing slip-ons with a full heavy bottom sole will make people draw attention to your height which you actually want to hide.

If you are extremely tall try wearing beautiful, flat slip-ons.

Always wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and easy to carry off. Do not wear clothes that you feel are difficult to carry even if it is the most beautiful dress on earth. Try wearing clothes that enhance and reflect your personality.

Try and wear accessories that match your dress. Do not wear lots of accessories. Wearing too much extra things makes you look like a punk or hippie.

Thus following these simple fashion tips for women helps them to dress appropriately and to look beautiful.

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